Welcome to our Website which unfolds to you the intricate richness of Maryhill High School, an all girls education center, where learning is self-knowing and self development of each 'girl child' who passes through the hands of this all embracing and loving mother school.
Learning at Maryhill High School, gives the child the five pillars of what education should give: Confidence, Competence, Creativity, Knowledge and Good Character.

Tribute goes to the founders of the school, who were far sited in taking a daring step to start a school where only girls were to be educated. It is a common knowledge that traditionally formal education did not favour women (girls) so the opening of Maryhill High School was and is still a challenge to traditional belief on women education.

The success and growth of Maryhill High School remains a reminder that the girl child can excel when given a chance.The recipe for academic success is discipline, hard work and co operation, nurtured by prayer. Our gratitude goes to everyone who supports Maryhill in promoting education of the girl child.

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