Young Christian Students' Club


It was founded by Cardinal JOSEPH Cardjin in 1919 and was introduced in Uganda on the 3rd of September 1956, in St. Mary’s College Kisubi, by Rev. Fr. A Fleskins. Rev. Fe. Augustine and eight other students helped him.


The student members carry out works of charity for example raking grass around the compound, weeding flower beds, smoking latrines and cleaning special rooms such as the Sick Bay.
The movement usually holds its meetings on Sundays after Mass in which they increase their knowledge about the Gospel and share testimonies.


Wild Life Club


It is one of the interesting clubs in Maryhill. It's a very important club and without it our good environment will be ruined. The aim of this club is to conserve the environment not only in Maryhill but in Uganda as a whole


Our main concern is plants, trees and animals. Wildlife has a right to cater for these creatures. However, we do not only cater for the environment but we hold debates which educate us more about our environment and our academics. Wildlife is a club of quality education and a guardian to the environment.


It is a privileged being a member of this club because in future it enables one to become a job maker other than a job seeker. It also offers wider knowledge to students about agriculture and members of our club offering usually excel.


Writers' Club


The writers club has set pace to make the girls write great articles as a result of brilliant observation. It has groomed the girls into brave writers to bring out the vitality phenomenon that other people can not see.

Writers club members

Salient features in Maryhill High School have been printed out by girls in their articles “The Students’ Mirror” which is a reflection of what goes on in the school.


French Club


The French Club has built the French students in many ways. The first and major way is through drama. The club participates in drama competitions regionally and nationally


The Club also holds internal debates which help students in learning to express themselves orally in French The club also avails French movies especially on weekends where students also learn more of the language.


As the French motto is Liberty, Equality and Fraternity the French students are making it possible to exercise the above mentioned. Surprisingly, our A’ level girls fly with A’s and B’s while in O’ level no one goes beyond a C.


“LE CLUB DE FRANCAISE” is going higher and aiming at the highest. The French students enjoy privileges in turn in the field of employment; say journalism, tourism, air hospitality.


Samaritan Club


Members of the Samaritan club are recognized in school because of the charity they put forward by voluntary helping in cleaning the school compound, Sickbay, arranging cups and plates in the dining room and many other activities.


Youth Alive Club


Just as the name suggests, Youth Alive, keeps the youth alive both in Maryhill and other communities within our reach. Youth alive is another one of the active clubs in Maryhill High School. It is mainly to sensitize and youth of today alive, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The club has various activities mainly based on sensitizing the youth about the dangers of the drugs, alcohol, fornication, unwanted pregnancies and abortion etcetera that are greatly affecting the youth today.


We try to let the youth know how one can spend their free time doing something constructive like singing, Drama and speaking of which, every year, we have regional and national Youth Alive Drama Completions.


Red Cross Club


Red Cross is one of the most active clubs. Whenever it is mentioned in Maryhill, an image of helpful girls quickly flashes in the mind of the people. Girls taking care of the sick, offering First Aid, donating blood, cleaning the school or any other help.


Red Cross is a humanitarian organization. When one joins Red Cross, she is expected to carry out humanitarian services built on seven basic principles built on humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary, unity, and universality (HUNIVUU). Our motto is ‘WE SENCE ONE ANOTHER’


Scripture Union


In Maryhill there exists a family that everyone longs to belong to and that is the Scripture Union family. It is through this family that certain values of life are brought to people’s realization. The Union is based on the Bible and the following factors:


  • Unity: United we stand, Divided we fall. Students’ testimonies in this fellowship have made it clear that despite our differences we have one True and Mighty God we serve.
  • Giving: Students have a come to know that giving is a way or an opening door towards God’s blessings.
  • Love: The fact that God loved us to the extent of giving us His only son to die for us, we too are part of that love and share it with others. We do show love to the needy, oppressed and any other spiritually.
  • Praise: Sundays are reserved for worship and praising as we call onto the Almighty God to thank him for his wonderful school, Maryhill and our beautiful country, Uganda and Africa at large. God bless you all.


Legion of Mary


Catholic Charismatic Renewal


The Catholic Charismatic Renewal is a movement in Catholic Church. It aims at helping Catholics experience “Baptism in the holy spirit” it therefore calls for intense Love and commitment to Jesus as a personal saviour and lord. Catholics are helped to understand and use charismatic gifts that are a source of strength for Christians in carrying out of their mission in their pilgrimage to holiness.

Legion of Mary members

They are helped to discover the beauty and power of prayer through attending weekly prayer meetings. Members promote evangelization bear witness to Jesus through personal testimony and foster an on going growth in holiness through participating in rich sacramental and liturgical life.


Focolare Movement


Focolare, is one of the religious based clubs in Maryhill high School. It was founded by an Italian lady called Chiara Lubich. It is a very active Movement in Maryhill High School. All members are allowed to join. It has no limitations and aims at building a united world.


Focolare members always show love to everyone and let other people know that we are one in Christ. As Focolare members we have four objectives or guidelines that make us what we are and united. These are:


  • See Jesus in everyone
  • Be the first one to Love
  • Make yourself one with the others
  • Love everyone.


Also as members we are mainly concerned with spreading God’s Love to others through evangelization, reaching out and the likes.


On several occasions, we cooperate with fellow students of Goodwill and pay various visits to hospitals, prisons and other needy people. Trough such charitable work we aim at extending God’s love and concern to all. Above all, we derive satisfaction from such because we believe that there are certainly more blessings in giving hand and clenched fist.


Once you know that Jesus lives in everyone including your neighbour, you can not hurt an innocent soul. Instead, you will always do good things to your neighbour and that is what we do as Focolare members. We love everyone and do good things for others so that we may all experience the love that our God has for us. By so doing, we bring unity amongst ourselves and this also gives us peace.


If we all loved each other, there would be no hatred, wars Jealousy and everything that does not go hand in hand with love. So we as Focolare members have the four objectives that really help us to live in unity and work to build a united world. So our wish is to see all the people take part in building a united world so that we may all have peace and be one in Christ. Let us love one another and try to follow the four objectives of Focolare Movement.


INTERACT CLUB "Service above Self"


The Interact club, Maryhill started way back in 1997 with the patron being Mrs. Mary Ruhinda and first president her Excellency Penelope Kabagambe. It started with the theme SERVICE ABOVE SELF which basically meant to instill the spirit of helping, caring and sharing as a club with the rest of the Maryhill community.

Interact Club members with petron

Interact club Maryhill is very steadily moving into the third millennium.



“Domine Dirige Nos” directs all the Maryhill fraternity to call upon the Almighty God to lead, Guide, and direct us make the right choices in all we do. By living up to thus motto, all who have passed through Maryhill those still here and those yet to come are expected to be a light of the nation on the hill.


"Holistic education for the girl child empowerment"


"To provide quality education the girl child with sound academic, spiritual and social economic principles necessary for international competitiveness.."


“To Promote All Round Discipline Through Hard work and Co-operation” This Leads To Success.

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