The sole objective of the Academic department is to achieve a 100% performance through developing positive attitude towards the teaching-learning process for both the staff and students.
For the above reason therefore, Maryhill has continuously provided for staff development in both teaching methods which comply with the challenges of the 21st century, that could be termed as the digital era.

Our library is well stocked with all book to enable students do their private reading and revision in a quite atmosphere. This evnironment enables our students concentrate and allows them to compare text-note with class notes to get the clear understanding of the subject/topic their reading/revising.

Maryhill High School instills discipline, positive attitude and innovativeness in the students and this has led to the good performance. It has also helped the students to "learn to say no to good things so that they can have a chance to say yes to better things" as John Maxwell said. Irrespective of how nice sleep can be, students have to wake up and read books.

Maryhill staff and students have been equipped with computer skills and the school is hooked on Internet where vast knowledge can be obtained in microseconds.

Because of its unique and competitive academic environment, Maryhill stood out of the crowd and Cyber School Uganda, in partnership with Ministry of Education and it was made a regional training centre for training teachers how to use Science and Mathematics soft wares, which display animated scientific concepts that make it easy for the 21st Century student to conceptualize Science and Mathematics.

We have various departments who carryout daily task to ensure smoooth running of the school and to achieve the greater goals for all our students. Our curriculum does not only stop at what is taught in class, but we also have many other off-class activities that help students to take the best options in life.

We also have other several trainings to equip the students with the technological advancements. Like CNNA or Cisco to help the stuents appreciate the values technology.


“Domine Dirige Nos” directs all the Maryhill fraternity to call upon the Almighty God to lead, Guide, and direct us make the right choices in all we do. By living up to thus motto, all who have passed through Maryhill those still here and those yet to come are expected to be a light of the nation on the hill.


"Holistic education for the girl child empowerment"


"To provide quality education the girl child with sound academic, spiritual and social economic principles necessary for international competitiveness.."


“To Promote All Round Discipline Through Hard work and Co-operation” This Leads To Success.

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